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Etymology 1

Perhaps imitative.



  1. to beat or flog, especially for extracting the fibers from flax stalks
    • 2005: "Scutching": the title of subsection 32.10.3 in section 32.10 "PROCESSING FIBER FLAX" — John Martin, Warren Leonard, David Stamp, Richard Waldren, Principles of Field Crop Production (4th Edition)
    • 1976: His prey was more often the over-scutched huswives, the threepenny whores with well-whipped backs, both from the beadle and their own hot-blooded clients. — Robert Nye, Falstaff
  • Dutch: zwingelen


  1. An implement used to separate the fibres of flax by beating them
  • Dutch: zwingelmolen
  • Italian: maciulla

Etymology 2


  1. A tuft or clump of grass.
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